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October 8, 2012 / iunkn

Shipped a game to Windows Store

Construct 2

One fine day, I thought of writing a game for Windows 8 and stumbled upon Construct 2. I could not believe such a platform existed and I was so glad to have found it. Shortly after, I started working on a game – Blast the Bricks and it is during the development of this game that I realized the need for a Windows 8 plugin for Construct 2. Hence for the past few weeks, I have been working on the game and the plugin side by side. It has been absolutely amazing to work with Construct 2 for the game and also to author the plugin. More than anything, I was really curious to see a game through creation and finally see it in the Store. I should say that I picked up a simple game with my limited creative abilities to actually go through the process and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

If you liked the plugin/used it, you might want to download the game from Windows Store and try it out. You will recognize most of the features that I have exposed through the plugin being used in this game. I greatly welcome your feedback!

Assets: I am glad the way the game turned out. I designed all the assets from the ground up – although they look simple for pro-s, it was quite a time consuming effort for me but  (I greatly benefitted from for an intro to Inkscape). The sound effects and background music that I got from Construct 2 proved great for my purposes.

Windows 8 submission

The submission process could not have gone any smoother. The exported game from Construct 2 passed the WACK test without any glitches. The process of submitting to the store was smooth. It worked as advertised during the certification and the app went live in the Store as promised by the guideline times (you will see the guideline times when you start with the certification process in the developer portal ).

Metro/Windows 8 plugin features used

Here are the Windows 8 features that I used in this game from the plugin:

Hope you like it! Let me know what you like and what you don’t!

P.S: Actually I had released the game ~10 days ago, I was waiting for the R2 to go live before letting everyone know 🙂


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