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August 31, 2012 / iunkn

Storing App Roaming Data

Windows 8 automatically transitions certain application data between user devices. No special logic needs to be done by Metro apps except for storing them in the app roaming settings. The heavy lifting for syncing the data is managed by Windows 8. Metro plugin for Construct 2’s latest addition is the ability for the Construct 2 games to store the data in Roaming storage.

This means that if a user plays a game in on Windows 8 desktop machine, the game can save the data to the app roaming settings. When the user later logs into his Windows 8 tablet using the same Microsoft account, the saved data for the game is automatically synced to this machine. This implies that details like level unlock, high scores for levels etc,. can be roamed pretty easily. Strongly recommend reading Microsoft’s guidelines for roaming app data. There are limitations on the size of data that can be synced but for typical usage, it should be enough.

All the Construct 2 game has to do is use the roaming storage actions, conditions and expressions provided by Metro plugin. You will get the data automatically synced between user’s machines. If you know Construct 2′ WebStorage object, you already know how to use the Roaming data APIs. The following are the newly added roaming capabilities to the plugin:

Conditions: Roaming Key Exists

Actions: Set Roaming Value, Remove Roaming Value, Clear Roaming Storage

Expression: Roaming Value

Usage: Same as WebStorage  plugin provided by Construct 2 and local storage capability provided by Metro plugin for Construct 2.

Download the latest plugin!

Refer to the manual!


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