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July 27, 2012 / iunkn

Support for Live Tiles

Live Tiles

Windows 8 provides a way for the Metro applications to send notifications to the application’s Tile on the Start screen, which will animate when the user visits the Start screen.

The Metro plugin for Construct 2 now has the ability to send notifications to the Live Tile. Hence Construct 2 games can use this to send a notification to the Live tile in Start screen. Here is how it looks like:

Metro Ghost Shooter – Live Tile in the Start screen before user launches it for the first time.

Metro Ghost Shooter – Live Tile with a notification.

Here is how the event sheet looks like:

After exporting you will have to do the following changes to your Visual Studio project:

Provide a wide tile for your project in package.appxmanifest in your project. Make sure to name your file app-widelogo.png and have it at the root (along with app-logo.png and app.smalllogo.png).

Change the manifest to provide a wide tile of specified size. Make sure to name it app-widelogo.png.

Next Step:

As before, Download the plugin and the illustrative sample —  let me know what you think and what more features you would like!



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  1. Shawn / Aug 11 2012 2:34 am

    Can you please give a detailed instruction of how to install your plugin in Construct 2 and how do make use of the plugin step by step? Thanks.

    • c2metro / Aug 11 2012 4:11 am

      Hi Shawn,
      Please use the Download link and you will find a README.txt file with instructions on installing the plugin. You will find the illustrative sample in the download page useful for exploring the usage of the plugin. Also should give you the details on actions, conditions and expressions exposed by the plugin. Let me know if you have questions.

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